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It takes a lot of support to keep a community strong.

Here's to those who keep the torch lit for our Cheetah.

Carrera Slot Cars

Carrera has stood for ‘Motorsports at home‘ since 1963, thrilling generations of motor racing enthusiasts all over the world. Supreme quality, innovative technologies and a breathtaking racing atmosphere attract fans of all ages to Carrera circuits and promise an unbeatable level of racing fun in homes everywhere. In 2014 the Carrera product portfolio offers plenty of brand new sets and cars for dedicated slotcar freaks, hobby racers and beginners alike. Exclusive worldwide reproduction license agreements with Ferrari and Red Bull in the slotcar segment guarantee authentic Formula 1 racing excitement at home.

Put a Bill Thomas Cheetah in your living room

Carrera is the only company to produce a licensed Cheetah slot car. The designers at Carrera have worked with Bill Thomas Motors to bring an accurate Cheetah slot car back to a new generation.

The Cheetah's place in slot car history is a unique one. In the 60's the car was a current sports car run against some of the true legends of racing most notable among them was the Shelby Cobra, Daytona Cobra and a fleet of crimson Ferrari sportscars. At the time it wasn't the most successful design but it was immortalized by slot companies of the time. That exposure was the key to the Cheetah staying in the minds of young slot racers of the time who now have fond memories of the car.

Cheetah Continuation Collectible

Cheetah Continuation Collectibles were the exclusive distributor for the authorized Bill Thomas Continuation Cheetah with VIN numbered letters of authenticity signed by Bill Thomas himself, until his passing and the closing of the manufacturing facility in Tempe, Arizona. Contact Cheetah Continuation Collectible to own one of the few remaining for sale.

Not a Replica. A Continuation.

The dream that went up in smoke and flames - literally, when Bill Thomas' factory was consumed by fire in late 1965 - has emerged from the ashes. To hear once again that unforgettable, throaty growl . . . to be reminded of the sheer power and speed of the storied Cheetah . . . Yes, the dream lives again. Not as a replica, but as a true continuation of the original, authorized by the Cat's father himself, the legendary Bill Thomas.

Bill Thomas' enthusiastic authorization of the continuation shouldn't surprise anyone - it's his chance to help so many fans of the Cheetah relive the glory days. From its hand-laid fiberglass body, Muncie 4-speed M-20 transmission to its Stewart Warner full gauges, the Cheetah has been rebuilt entirely around the original concept, specs and drawings. The only changes from the original are updated safety modifications.

Fred Yeakel is not only a fan but an owner of an original Bill Thomas Cheetah. For many years, has been a gathering place for lovers of true Cheetah race cars; a forum for discussing, enjoying, archiving, and learning about the Bill Thomas Cheetah. For the pure enjoyment of it, they collect and share pictures of Cheetahs in all shapes and sizes.

Spreading the word in Cheetah community

In addition to being an owner and fan, Fred has also hosted a discussion board allowing the Cheetah community to talk about Cheetah Sightings, Building your own replica, Model Car Info, and General topics.

The Bill Thomas Family appreciates Fred Yeakel's friendship and love for this great car.

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